The Ultimate Retreatment Arsenal

See what MaxWire® with Adaptive Core Technology™ can do for your retreatment cases.

Unlike traditional files, XP-3D instruments feature MaxWire®, a technology which allows the XP-3D instruments to adapt to the canal’s natural anatomy by expanding once exposed to body temperature. Traditional solid core NiTi files burnish gutta percha into the canal walls as they bore through the mass of filling material. The XP-3D Shaper+’s serpentine shape creates a corkscrew effect allowing the instrument to encircle gutta percha and pull it out of the canal in large pieces.

The XP-3D Finisher features a sickle shape which expands to reach aspects of the canal previously impossible to reach with instrumentation. After gross removal of gutta percha, the XP-3D Finisher gently pulsates within the canal dislodging stubborn gutta percha tags. The XP-3D Finisher is also ideal for enhanced irrigation during normal cases leaving your canals so clean they will have a glass-like shine.

For best results, use the XP-3D Shaper and XP-3D Finisher at least 1,000 RPMs for retreatment.

  • Super elasticity, extreme flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Transformation to a robust, predefined serpentine shape at body temperature 95°F (35°C)
  • Ability to gently expand to the natural anatomy of the root canal

XP-3D MaxWire

XP-3D Instrumentation

XP-3D Shaper by Brasseler USA
XP-3D Shaper

The XP-3D Shaper safely, efficiently and effectively cleans the root canal system three dimensionally while respecting the canal anatomy.

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XP-3D Finisher by Brasseler USA
XP-3D Finisher

The XP-3D Finisher debrides the root canal system 3-dimensionally and allows for enhanced irrigation.

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