Xp-3D Finisher. Minimally Invasive. Anatomical Cleaning. By Brasseler USA

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Like the XP-3D Shaper, the XP-3D Finisher utilizes Brasseler’s exclusive MaxWire Technology to adapt to the canal’s natural anatomy. The XP-3D Finisher has a bowed shape at body temperature and is incredibly flexible. The instrument debrides the root canal system 3-dimensionally and allows for enhanced irrigation. Unlike the XP-3D Shaper, the XP-3D Finisher is intended to clean a prepared canal and will not change the shape once prepared.

Featuring Brasseler’s exclusive MaxWire® Technology, the XP-3D Finisher adapts to the canal’s natural anatomy by expanding once exposed to body temperature.

  • Super elasticity, extreme flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Transformation to a robust, predefined serpentine shape at body temperature 95°F (35°C)
  • Ability to gently expand to the natural anatomy of the root canal

The XP-3D Finisher is an ISO #25 with a 0° taper. Its capacity to expand improves its reach 100-fold
compared to a standard instrument.

  • 3-D debridement
  • Enhanced irrigation
  • Retreatment
  • 800-1000 RPMs; Torque:1Ncm
  • XP-3D Finisher should be used only after canal preparation to at least #25
  • In multirooted teeth, start with the largest canal
  • Work along the entire length of the canal for approximately one (1) minute
  • Place the XP-3D Finisher into the orifice of the canal prior to placing the irrigant and begin rotation
Three instruments in a sterile blister pack, for single use (each instrument can be used to clean one tooth with up to four canals).

The instruments are stored inside a plastic tube so their straight shape can be maintained or restored and the working length can be defined.


Microbial reduction is the key to endodontic success. Therefore this result shows the XP-3D superiority in that regard.

From the study “Efficacy of Four Irrigation Protocols in Killing Bacteria Colonized in Dentinal Tubules Examined by a Novel Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Analysis”.

Case Studies

XP-3D Finisher Case Study

Micro CT of the Distal and Mesial roots of a lower molar instrumented to 35/.04 with round NiTi files and then after final cleaning with the XP-3D Finisher.

  • Pre-Op and Post-Op NiTi Pictures: Show debris in the canal and in the isthmus areas.
  • Post-Op XP-3D Finisher Pictures: After final cleaning with the XP-3D Finisher, no debris is seen.

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XP-3D Finisher Case Study

Internal resorption case demonstrating the expansive potential of the XP-3D Finisher. Cases with irregular shaped canals and roots which are structurally compromised are ideal beneficiaries of the new XP-3D Finisher. This new technology allows us to preserve critical root structure while thoroughly disinfecting the canal.

© Dr. Gilberto Debelian (Norway). All rights reserved.

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