Xp-3D Finisher. Minimally Invasive. Anatomical Cleaning. By Brasseler USA

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Small and precise, Brasseler’s new XP-3D Scout File offers more effective navigation through curved and narrow canals, giving you increased efficiency and accuracy during advanced root canal therapy cases. Available in size #15/.04 in 21 and 25mm lengths, this file is designed to be used in conjunction with¬† XP-3D Shaper+ and XP-3D Finisher.

  • Canal preparation in advanced cases
  • Retreatment
  • 800-1000 RPMs; Torque:1Ncm
  • Use long gentle strokes to progress down to working length
  • Irrigate frequently

Three instruments in a sterile blister pack, for single use (each instrument can be used to clean one tooth with up to four canals).

The instruments are stored inside a plastic tube so their straight shape can be maintained or restored, and the working length can be defined.


Microbial reduction is the key to endodontic success. Therefore this result shows the XP-3D superiority in that regard.

From the study “Efficacy of Four Irrigation Protocols in Killing Bacteria Colonized in Dentinal Tubules Examined by a Novel Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope Analysis”.

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